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The B4a Baclofen Handbook





The B4a Baclofen Handbook



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Written by an experienced doctor, who is also a fellow sufferer and Baclofen patient, the B4a Baclofen Handbook is a complete practical guide to taking High Dose Baclofen to help with the cravings associated with chronic alcoholism and the chronic anxiety that often precedes it.


It draws upon his considerable experience through the web site.


In simple short step-by-step sections it details the whole 'Baclofen Process'; from you initially contemplating taking Baclofen to (hopefully) a successful long term outcome.


It is not a detailed academic treatise about Baclofen or chronic alcoholism. Rather it represents a simple user-friendly practical guide to help sufferers, their close family / friends and the professionals involved in caring for them.


Concise, easy-to-understand information when you need it most.


If you are thinking of asking your doctor to prescribe Baclofen for you, take this book along. It might just encourage him or her to help you.


Lastly, if you have read Olivier Ameisen's profoundly important 'The End of My Addiction' and want to find out more, or even proceed with Baclofen, then the B4a Baclofen Handbook is the next step to take.





Important Information for Physicians
Section I – An Introduction to the Handbook
What is this Handbook?
Who is this Handbook for?
So, what is this all about? – Triple-A Syndrome
Why did I write this Handbook?
How to use this Handbook
Fundamentally important concepts for the new ‘Baclofen taker’
Some very basic definitions
Why does this matter?
Some very basic Neurology
Why Baclofen and not some other drug?
Baclofen and people like us

Section II – The Complete Baclofen Process
Obtaining Baclofen
The weeks before your Baclofen arrives
Your Baclofen has arrived – starting your Baclofen
Titrating up your Baclofen
Timing your Baclofen
Your Controlling Dose
Your Maintenance Dose
PRN Baclofen
Occasional, Intermittent or Ad Hoc Baclofen
How long do you need to take Baclofen for?
Stopping or ‘Coming Off’ Baclofen – Titrating Down
Restarting Baclofen
Acute Baclofen withdrawal
Ensuring, protecting and storing your Baclofen
Baclofen & Alcohol
Stress Tests
The Breathalyser Challenge
Combining Baclofen with other alcoholism management medications

Section III - A Formulary & Data Sheet for High Dose Baclofen
Presentation & tablet size
How does Baclofen work? Basic Baclofen pharmacology & pharmacokinetics
Dependence on Baclofen
Tolerance to Baclofen
Withdrawal from Baclofen
Driving etc whilst taking Baclofen
Baclofen & Pregnancy
Baclofen & Breast Feeding
Baclofen & Exercise
Baclofen & Smoking and other Addictions
Does Baclofen cause malformations and / or cancer?
Drug Interactions with Baclofen

Section IV - Associations, Side Effects and Complications of taking High Dose Baclofen
Common Associations
Side Effects & Complications
Central Nervous System / Psychiatric
Peripheral Nervous System / Neuromuscular
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System
Urinary System
Gastrointestinal System
Skin & Hair
Allergic Reactions
Sweating & Temperature Control
Sexual Changes
Baclofen Overdose
In Conclusion – your new life with Baclofen
About the Author



Click here to obtain the B4a Baclofen Handbook






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