Baclofen 4 alcoholism - as simple as A - B - C

     Anxiety + Alcoholism  +  Baclofen = 'Cure'

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A Little About Me



Anxiety and alcohol ruined my life. Baclofen saved it. My life with anxiety, alcohol and baclofen is discussed in great detail in


Booze, Baclofen & Me





I was was born in Manchester, England in 1961. Following Grammar School, I entered the University of Manchester, qualifying in Medicine (MB,ChB) in 1984. After a year as House Surgeon and House Physician on Professorial Units, and a year as Lecturer in Anatomy & Demonstrator in Human Dissection at the University of Manchester, I then entered Surgical training within the Manchester Teaching Hospitals.

I obtained the prestigious Fellowship Of The Royal College Of Surgeons (FRCS) at the first attempt, and was honoured to be made the British Digestive Foundation Research Fellow; where he worked on acute pancreatitis. I was also made the Inaugural Tutor in Surgical Gastroenterology in the University of Manchester – a post created for me.


My surgical specialties were in inflammatory bowel disease and obesity.


In 1991, I entered the Law School in the University of Leeds, UK; qualifying with an honours degree in Law (LLB(hons)) after only 2 years study.


I am the co-author of a major surgical textbook (Pelvic Pouch Procedures, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1991), and have published more than 50 academic medical and legal papers, poster and oral presentations.


I have also appeared on numerous television and radio programmes and been in many newspaper and magazine articles.




That all sounds pretty good, doesn't it? However, I am also an alcoholic. And through alcohol, I have managed to compromise, or lose, much of what I have achieved.


To put it simply, I have a trait where I suffer chronic anxiety, low confidence, low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy etc. Stress is something with which I find it hard to cope. Maybe surgery and law weren't the best career choices!!


Not even my closest family really knew what I was going through.

During this period of fantastic highs and unbelievable lows, I have managed to find three really beautiful, lovely and supportive women. And managed to lose two of them, and very nearly lost the third.


I have managed to build highly successful careers in two of the most competitive and academically challenging professions. And managed to lose them.


I have managed to make two fortunes. And managed to lose them.


I have managed to build amazing periods of comfort and security and happiness. And managed to lose them.


They are all discussed in great, and honest, detail in Booze, Baclofen & Me.


So, why did I set up the Baclofen 4 alcoholism web site? Pure and simple, I needed this information myself. And most of it was not all that easy to find. And it most certainly was not collated into a 'user-friendly' form. I decided that, if I was doing it for myself, I might as well make it available to others. Through the web site, I have been privileged to hear hundreds upon hundreds on your stories and experiences.


It is this experience that I feel I can bring to Baclofen and our alcoholism.


Through Baclofen, I have found my new life. For several years now, I’ve been totally alcohol indifferent.


But it is a very big job to help you all too, and I will need your help and assistance.


Please, use my web site, and let’s get better together.


After all, together, we ARE most definitely stronger.


Sharon Osborne Show 2007

UK Television News 2007


About 12 - 18 months before alcohol really started to take it's toll