Baclofen 4 alcoholism - as simple as A - B - C

     Anxiety + Alcoholism  +  Baclofen = 'Cure'

B 4 a

The Baclofen4alcoholism Trilogy


These 3 books have been written to provide a detailed discussion of each and every single aspect of Baclofen and its role in curing alcoholism. Whilst each can be read in isolation, they have been deliberately produced to naturally lead from one to the next; with almost no overlap or repetition.

Publication date end July 2017


A warts and all, often brutally honest discussion of how anxiety-related alcohol abuse descended into full-blown alcoholism and, in the process, destroyed my life, careers and relationships.


It goes into great detail how Baclofen literally saved my life; and how I used my extensive medical experience to develop my own B4a Baclofen Programme, that over years has developed into my own exclusive B4a Distance Programme; which is detailed in My Baclofen Cure.

Publication date end June 2017


Having cured myself with Baclofen, through my web site, I was soon asked by fellow sufferers if I would help them too. As I result, I developed my B4a Baclofen Distance Programme, that I have been running for some 7 years; helping literally hundreds on individuals from all over the World.


My Baclofen Cure explains in great detail how my Programme works, and provides a skeleton framework for anybody wishing to start my Programme. Throughout the last 7 years, we have learned much about High-Dose Baclofen, as I discuss in detail in All You Need To Know About Baclofen.


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