Baclofen 4 alcoholism - as simple as A - B - C

     Anxiety + Alcoholism  +  Baclofen = 'Cure'

B 4 a

My Programme & Practice

The following is only a very brief outline of my Programme and Practice.


Full details of all aspects of my B4a Distance Programme may be found in


My Baclofen Cure

Anxiety - Related Alcoholism


with my help you can beat it

I don't run a '9 to 5' practice


We don't have a '9 to 5' disease

The whole point of my Practice, Programme and Service is to help you beat your alcohol problem.


To do this, I often have to take the stress and conflict out of the situation both for you and those around you. Years of alcohol abuse almost always wreak considerable havoc on family and work lives. Guilt, blame, disappointment, shame, exhaustion and anger all break what would otherwise be close immutable family ties. These need to be rebuilt.


Consequently, I often have to act both as helper for you and a 'moderator' or 'intermediary' between you all. Taking this important role releases you and your loved ones from many of the daily battles, worries and strains of your alcohol problem, and allows all of us to focus on the most important thing - getting you well again.


I have developed the Practice to make this and all the other elements involved to be as user-friendly, convenient and achievable as possible, and for as wide a range of sufferers as possible.


My practice is also finding recognition by others requiring assistance in the use of High Dose Baclofen for alcohol-related problems, including:

General Practitioners - Several enlightened GPs in the UK, who have decided to treat their patients with High Dose Baclofen, have contacted me saying how the B4a Baclofen Handbook gave them the confidence and important background information to commence the treatment. Further, almost all subsequently e-mail me for further advice in managing their patient(s) and to report their experiences;


The Law Courts - I have recently been asked to provide an Expert Report on High Dose Baclofen for the Scottish Criminal Courts. Its importance in the criminal law is twofold. Firstly in the verdict itself and pre-sentencing where the effects of High Dose Baclofen (or its acute withdrawal) might be mitigating factors in the accused actually committing the alleged offence in the first place (i.e. very high-dose Baclofen or abruptly coming off it 'made them do it'). Secondly, where Baclofen might one day become part of the accused's 'sentence' (i.e. enforcing them deal with the alcohol problem that was partly responsible for them committing their offence). This is highly important, as alcoholism is the root cause of much crime, and is abysmally understood and managed by the criminal justice system. In time, Baclofen might form part of an individual's sentence and, eventually, might actually reduce crime. I'm very proud to be part of that process.

* * * * * * *

Who is the B4a Programme and Service for?


Simply, it is for anybody and everybody who has an alcohol problem; be it excessive drinking, dependence on alcohol or or frank crippling alcoholism.

The Carrick House Practice offers a range of services purposely developed to fulfil the diverse requirements that people like you and I have.


Through this range of options, I am able to provide varying levels of Alcoholism and Baclofen support to individuals throughout the UK and even further afield.


For geographical reasons, the majority of people who opt for the most intensive of my programmes reside in the North West or North East England, Yorkshire, Cheshire, North Wales and the North Midlands. However, others from further afield in England, Wales and Scotland can still benefit from programmes specifically designed to suit their own needs and ability to visit me.


I am even able to provide full Baclofen support for visitors from overseas. Daily Skype calls, video conferencing and e-mails mean that wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from the B4a Baclofen Programme.

I have already helped individuals from as far afield as the USA, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

* * * * * * *

Who are these people?

Are you one of them?


In more detail, the people who seek my services tend to fall into several distinct groups:



People concerned that they are drinking too much and worried that they may be heading towards alcoholism;


Individuals who are already somewhat dependent on alcohol, but who have not yet quite descended into overt crippling alcoholism;


People already with a significant alcohol problem who do not wish to take any form of medication;


The largest group includes those who intend to start Baclofen, but who are totally new to it. Usually people whose GP is unable or unwilling to provide the intensive support required, or even to prescribe Baclofen at all;


Those whose GP IS prepared to prescribe Baclofen, but who isn't either willing or able to undertake the considerable amount of support required to optimise its success; especially initially. I am always happy to work with their GP if all parties agree;


Those already taking Baclofen (usually via the internet) who are experiencing problems and need help to make it work for them;


Those doing well on Baclofen who are looking for a 'safety blanket' to ensure its continuing success';


People caring for someone with an alcohol problem;


General Practitioners, Alcoholism Specialists and other healthcare professionals wishing to know more about Baclofen, or even to introduce it to their own clinical practices.

* * * * * * *

B4a Distance Programme - How it works in practice


The key to the success of my Programme lies in the following:

I run every single aspect of the Programme myself - there are absolutely no other individuals, secretaries etc. This allows total discretion and confidentiality at all times;


If you phone me and I am unable to answer, I am almost always speaking with a fellow sufferer or in consultation. In that case, please leave me  a short text message, stating the purpose of your call (need to speak to me, a question, an appointment etc). This will give me an idea of how long we will need. If you don't have a mobile phone, please leave me a voicemail. As soon as I can, I will then text or contact you telling you when I will be free to talk with you;




I am available for evening and weekend appointments to suit the often extremely busy lives of those who seek my support;


All appointments with me are open-ended and in no way time-constrained;


At each appointment you will only ever be met by me and seen by me, and at no time will you ever meet or see any other people visiting me;


The Programme is entirely unique within the UK; providing each of you with a totally dedicated personal one-to-one service, and in working alongside Baclofen should you choose to take that route;


It is most definitely NOT a mass 'production line'. I commit a huge amount of time and effort to each of you. Consequently, at any one time, I have to limit the number of new people I can take on. I am only interested in doing my very best for those individuals that I choose to work with;




* * * * * * *

With few exceptions, all new clients sign up for an initial three-month period. This gives us the very best chance of making the very best start to your new life.


This initial commitment to the Programme and your future is fundamentally important.

If you are serious about stopping drinking,

I am equally as serious about helping you.

* * * * * * *

it is not always easy,

but it is most definitely doable