Baclofen 4 alcoholism - as simple as A - B - C

     Anxiety + Alcoholism  +  Baclofen = 'Cure'

B 4 a


My name is Dr Phillip Thomas, and I am a fellow sufferer who has been able to set himself free from many years of dependence on alcohol.

I now consider myself to be not only in control, but cured.

Too good to be true? Well, not quite. An analogy might help here. I am an asthmatic, for which I use inhalers daily and routinely. I have never had a significant asthma attack. I am still an asthmatic, but I do not suffer with asthma. If I stopped my inhalers, I would start to suffer from my asthma.

Through my inhalers, I am functionally cured of my asthma.

A similar statement can be made about diabetes and insulin; high blood pressure and antihypertensives; morbid / super-obesity and various medical / surgical interventions; and many others.

All are chronic progressive 'proper' physical medical diseases which can be very successfully managed to provide a functional cure.

And I believe that exactly the same applies to my anxiety and alcoholism. If I could find a treatment for my anxiety, and simultaneously successfully withdraw from alcohol, then I would no longer suffer from my disease i.e. no longer be addicted.

So why am I so sure that I am now functionally cured?

Simply because I have finally recognised that I have suffered a lifelong problem with chronic uncontrollable anxiety / panic / fear of failure - subsequently diagnosed as a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Unrecognised and untreated, this caused me to seek the calming influence of alcohol as a self-administered anxiolytic (a 'medicine' used to reduce anxiety), to which I eventually became addicted. This was a concept that neither I nor the medical profession had ever even considered until the last couple of years. But now I am absolutely sure of it.

Be in no doubt:

Anxiety leads to Alcohol leads to Alcoholism

This process I have come to term Triple-A Syndrome, and it becomes a pernicious vicious circle. To beat your own alcoholism, we have to find out why you drink, and break the circle.

Exactly the same Triple-A Syndrome might apply to a wide variety of other problems (e.g. smoking, other drug addictions, gambling, over-eating, compulsive shoppig etc) and where the term Generalised Anxiety Disorder might therefore be replaced by an ever-increasing number of other psychological / psychiatric conditions:

Abnormal Psychology leads to

an 'Answer' leads to Addiction

Until recently, doctors routinely prescribed Benzodiazepines (such as Valium) for chronic anxiety. This group of drugs was perhaps the most widely used and best anxiolytic medication available. Unfortunately, it has become universally recognised that they are also highly addictive; with many takers now suffering considerably more than they ever did from their anxiety. Medically prescribed Triple-A Syndrome in action. They are now no longer prescribed for any long-term management. Indeed, some are now legally categorised as 'controlled drugs' and may only be prescribed by a doctor by special prescription - in the same way as diamorphine.

* * * * * * *

Thanks to a medicine called Baclofen, which after more than half a century of use is known to NOT be addictive, I am now fully able to fully manage both my anxiety / GAD and also the cravings associated with alcohol withdrawal. For people like you and me, this is perhaps the greatest double-whammy there is! One simple, safe, cheap drug doing two massively important jobs at the same time.

Not only am I completely alcohol-free, I am wholly indifferent to alcohol. In truth, it appears that nothing could actually make me need a drink; and I've had plenty of significant stresses whilst taking it to test it thoroughly!! These life events and traumas just do not seem to affect me like they used to. It's amazing - just like being normal for the first time in my life!!

Further, I no longer ever really fancy alcohol, even socially. I can totally take or leave it, even if those around me are drinking. And the great thing is that my abstinence isn't forced and terrifying; it is calm and easy. And that is solely because I am managing the chronic anxiety that caused my alcohol dependency in the first place.

Through Baclofen and the B4a Programme working alongside each other, I truly believe that both my chronic anxiety and my alcohol dependency are now, for the very first time in my life, being properly managed, beautifully controlled, and ...........

Functionally Cured

* * * * * * *

Through my past medical background, my own personal alcohol and Baclofen experiences and ultimate success, and by helping many others achieve likewise, I am able to provide a unique bespoke private one-to-one service to help fellow sufferers. For example:

  • People who may not want to go to group sessions;
  • People for whom such sessions have previously failed;
  • People who know that they need much more than just counselling or support;
  • People who want a discreet, private, personal approach dedicated specifically to them and their own particular needs and circumstances;
  • People who, as well as regularly meeting with their practitioner, also want to be able to contact him at any time for help and advice. Or maybe just a chat and a bit of reassurance.

Over the years, I have developed my own Programme that has, via my web site, already benefitted many hundreds of people throughout the World. However, one-to-one it can do so much more.

The success of my Programme is based upon the uncontrovertible fact that many people turn to alcohol as a means of reducing their chronic state of anxiety. This is an issue that almost all doctors are ignorant of, but there is now extremely powerful evidence that this is the case.

The reason almost all other treatments (such as counselling, group sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis etc) ultimately fail is precisely because they do not address this issue. What they focus upon is enforced abstinence. For those that have tried this, it is almost as horrific and tormenting as being an alcoholic. Fighting cravings on a day-to-day basis, whilst still suffering from chronic anxiety / stress / panic is one of the most emotionally disabling things a human being can suffer. That is precisely why so many people go back to alcohol.

What my Programme concentrates on is both the management of that state of chronic crippling anxiety and panic, and the cravings associated with stopping alcohol. Baclofen helps massively with both of these things, bringing unparalleled long-term success.

The Programme has also had great success in individuals who prefer not to take Baclofen, and in those for whom their alcohol dependency is not anxiety-related.

Put simply, many of us with drink problems just cannot cope with the normal pressures of everyday life. Pressures that our more fortunate family and friends seem to be able to just take in their stride. We turn to alcohol as a means of reducing that stress; in exactly the same way as doctors use pre-meds before operations to alleviate the anxiety and stress of impending surgery. It is absolutely no different for us. And hence, perfectly treatable with the proper treatment.

And there is very good scientific evidence that we suffer from a genuine physical disease. We are not weak-willed or inadequate. We react like this purely because that is how our brains (or at least a very tiny part of it) are wired.

By recognising this, and treating it properly, then the very real prospect of a functional cure is made available to you. Certainly very beneficial long-term control (ie - significant moderation of your drinking and relative indifference to alcohol) is well within your reach.

That is precisely what my B4a Programme is about. Helping you to achieve that, and to get on living your life.

This web site will outline the scientific background to all of this; the nature and severity of the problem both for the individual and in the North West; what you can do about it; and the B4a Programme itself including how it will help you take control of your life, beat your alcohol problem, and finally set yourself free.

It's not always easy, but

it is most definitely doable

And I should know - I've done it


And so have thousands

of others just like you


Read my own

Case Report


"Suppression of alcohol dependence using high-dose baclofen: a self-case report"


Progress in

Neurology and Psychiatry

Volume 16; Issue 1; 30 - 31; Feb 2012


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